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Heqing Ceramics Company actively designs, manufactures and markets advanced ceramic product(mainly Zirconia and Alumina products) for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Our products are categorized into kitchen,tools, industrial and custom ceramic products. Manufacturing takes place at Wuxi, Jiangsu Provice in east China. It is a beautiful city 150 km from Shanghai, located in the most developed area in China. The traffic is very convenient.

The superior hardness, superior abrasion resistance, superior corrosion resistance, superior erosion resistance and the superior thermal resistance, as well as the unique electrical and mechanical properties of Zirconia are the enabling factors in these key applications. Zirconia has the highest strength and toughness at room temperature of all the advanced ceramic materials. The fine grain size allows for extremely smooth surfaces and sharp edges. It has no metallic taste or smell and won't brown fruits and vegetables, it make ceramic knives and accessories ideal for kitchen usage. Other usages include leathering, diving, machining, etc.

Zirconia was considered the wonder ceramic in many industries. Today we have elevated the standards of Zirconia to ultra-high hardness without the brittleness.

Using traditional skills, combined with modern technology, we are proud to present the wide range of ceramic products with high quality. To name a few of our products: ceramic knives, ceramic peelers, ceramic scissors, Zirconia ceramic tweezers, Zirconia ceramic screwdrivers, ceramic sharpeners, ceramic rings, ceramic metal-forming tools, and so on.

As to our Zirconia ceramic knives, we start by using the very latest advances in materials science to form the blades then hand finish each side of the blade for maximum sharpness. We upholds the high standard of quality for each of our products. All cutlery and tools are hand-inspected by our professional craftsman. These ceramic knives are much sharper than steel knives. Our custom-formulated Zirconia knives can handle all the cutting you need to do. And you’ll also have something that is not piece of history.

Our industrial ceramic products are used in a variety of applications, processes and markets. By replacing metals and plastics with ceramic products, we help industry advance by improving our customer's efficiencies, capabilities, product performance and profitability.

In addition to our kitchen, tools, and industrial ceramic products, we offer custom-made ceramic products.We can design and produce your custom products given by samples or technical drawing.

We offer high-quality ceramic products with very competitive prices. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and 100% customer satisfaction and look forward to working to solve your most demanding needs. We welcome your inquiry and invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. You will find our prices, quality and services be your first choice.

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